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Betrock Information Systems is a privately-held company located in Hollywood, Florida. Since 1972, Betrock has diligently endeavored in the compilation and publishing of relevant data for the international horticultural industry. Today, more than 40 years later, Betrock continues to provide current and precise information to vast segments of the wholesale green and hard goods industries and simultaneously promote successful and enduring relationships between growers and buyers. Betrock's PLANTFINDER® is now commonly referred to as "the Bible of the nursery industry."

Betrock Information Systems is also internationally renowned for numerous high-quality, color, hardcover book titles Betrock has published featuring palms and tropical plants. Betrock's Bookstore is always open and available online. Betrock's Bookstore offers our entire line of titles and over 1,000 publications, from other quality horticultural publishers as well.

Over a decade ago, a team of experts, assembled by founder Irv Betrock, developed Allergenica™, a unique and highly informative specialty online site that identifies allergenic plants and the maladies they cause throughout the world.

Betrock was a pioneer company for vast amounts of critical horticultural and botanical information made available, in the form of software, for the green goods industry. Long before the internet was popular, Betrock clients held a strategic advantage due to the vast amounts of essential data and information for horticulture, electronically available on CD's and floppy disks, made easily accessible at their fingertips via a PC keyboard. Today, Betrock continues on its long legacy and commitment to deliver the absolute best and most precise, up-to-date horticultural information available.

In 2012, PlantSearch, our most powerful tool and informative service yet, was unveiled online. PlantSearch combines the unmatched power and reach of PLANTFINDER® and Plant and Supply Locator®. PlantSearch is the ONLY product available that effectively delivers the broadest range of goods and services to the entire horticultural industry coast-to-coast within the US and internationally.

In 2013, the Betrock team continues to make major improvements and upgrades across our entire product line. We've already added many new charts, maps, and numerous other reference tools - in print and online - to make everything you do easier and help you GROW your business! Most important of all, we're here for you. Thank you! Let our team know how we can better serve you.